Half Marathon

The First International Bank & Trust Fargo Mini Marathon will be sure to excite you with great trails, neighborhoods and exquisite fall colors!

Route & Info

Expect to see a great route with this year's Mini Marathon!  Spectacular trees & colorful fall leaves will line the trail along the river, and you will START & FINISH inside the Civic Center!  The Half Marathon will start promptly at 8:00am!

The mini (half) marathon will start in the Civic Center and exit north, taking a left turn south around the Civic Center and east across your first bridge at 1st Avenue North.  You'll cross the bridge and turn left (west) by the Hjemkomst Heritage Center.  A quick run through the parking lot and south under the bridge will bring you to the bike path that runs right alongside the Red River.

You'll take the Moorhead Viking Ship Park Bike Path for a while until you cross into Moorhead's residential area.  This will bring you south into Gooseberry Park - where you will cross your second bridge into North Dakota and Lindenwood Park.

You will turn south and continue through Lindenwood Park on Roger Maris Drive.  A nice loop through the park will bring you back on the bike path heading north on the North Dakota side of the Red River.  You'll experience great scenery with the Red River and the trees lining this beautiful path!  At around mile 7 - you'll make your 3rd bridge crossing by going across the floating bridge back into Moorhead.

You will then take the Minnesota side of the bike path north up to the Oak Grove park bridge where you make your 4th bridge crossing into Oak Grove Park.  A nice run through the park and around the school will bring you to a loop through Treefoil Park.  Be ready for some awesome scenery here - with lots of trees, colors and squirrels! You'll loop around back to Oak Grove park and experience your 5th bridge crossing as you head back into the Moorhead side. 

A quick jaunt on the Moorhead bike path - passing the Historic Stave Church - and you are almost to your last bridge crossing! A quick turn across the 1st Ave Bridge back into North Dakota will bring you home free to the Civic Center! 

That's 4 bridges - crossing 6 times!  The Finish Line - well, it's INDOORS again!

There are 3 aid stations - that you will hit twice - making it 6 stations to find water/Powerade!  

This is a Mini like no other!