Friday the 13th 5K

It only happens a couple of times a year…and this year the timing is perfect! Friday, October 13th, the night before the awesome Fargo Mini Marathon! It only makes sense that we have a 5K that will scare the crap out of you, right?

This one will start at 6:30pm, just as daylight leaves and darkness falls upon us!

3.1 miles on the 13th and this race would not be complete unless there were a few (maybe even a lot) of hockey mask crazies out on the course! Remember, chainsaws make you run fast! It’s all in good fun, but it will be scary and your heart rate will get up there!

Limited to 300 people. All finishers will get the official “I Survived The Friday The 13th 5K” finisher’s shirt…that is if you make it back to the finish line!

So much fun and fear in one race! Sign up now!