Celebrating 11 years! Expect to see our best route ever with this year’s Mini Marathon! Spectacular trees and colorful leaves will line the trail along the river! The half marathon will start at 8:00AM.

The Mini Marathon will start in the Civic Center and exit north along 4th St. to 4th Ave. N. It will cross over to the bike path along 2nd St. N, then proceed south along the bike path and under 1st Ave. bridge, NP Ave. bridge, and Main Ave. bridge! Then you continue south through Lindenwood Park on Roger Maris Drive. A nice loop through the park will bring you to the footbridge in Lindenwood Park where you’ll cross over into Moorhead’s Gooseberry Park for a loop! The course crosses back into Fargo on the footbridge and heads north up the bike path to the float bridge where you will cross over to the bike path on the Minnesota side of the Red River. Half marathon runners will run the great paths behind Hjemkomst Park! You’ll experience great scenery with the Red River and the trees lining this beautiful path! You will eventually get to the Oak Grove footbridge and take that into Oak Grove Park. Here the team from First International Bank & Trust will great you with their awesome Aid Station. A nice run through the park and around the school will bring you to a loop through Treefoil Park. Be ready for more great scenery with lots of trees, colors, and squirrels! The last mile will get you to the city bike path, just south of Oak Grove High School, and you’ll start to the music from the Civic Center as it brings you in with a final kick!